Starting a New Chapter

I have always been a bit of a social media recluse. The idea of sharing myself with people who could casually skim the inanities of my life and claim they knew me wasn’t appealing. I didn’t even use it to keep in touch with my friends as they scattered across the country. I figured if the friendship was worth it, it could be sustained through old-fashioned text message. I was been proud of holding out, of being the enigma everyone thought was ‘mysterious’ because they couldn’t find me on Facebook.

The Lightbulb by Katta Hules
The Lightbulb by Katta Hules.

But I was hiding from a rather looming problem.

As a writer, especially one who wants to actually make a living with my words, I wasn’t getting any exposure. No one was stumbling over the stories I was working on. Instead, I was squirreling them away and protecting them with vague explanations and awkward subject changes when conversations dared to venture close to my work.

So here I am, world. Opening up.

Wish me luck.


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