Back to Life

November has come to a close, taking with it the joys and stresses of National Novel Writing Month. Now those of us who took the plunge must venture back into reality and join humanity again, scary as that sounds.

So congratulations to Wrimos everywhere! Challenging yourself to write 50,000 words in 30 days is an insane commitment and giving it a shot is a great step towards creating something amazing, whether you hit your word count or not.

And for everyone who put words on paper during this challenge, it’s time to step back and close that document/notebook/extremely long email and let it and yourself rest for a while. I usually take the month of December off from writing, or at least my Nano project. I know this flies in face of the convention wisdom about writing everyday, but I find it gives me time to revitalize, enjoy the holidays, and frantically do all the present shopping I really should have started in November. Then, come January (or whenever the urge to write gets too overwhelming), I can come back to my craft with fresh eyes and new inspiration.

So Wrimos, whether you finished or not, take a break, but set a return day, because the world needs your novel.


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