People I Read: Sandy Kinsock

Sandy Kinsock has the rare ability to make basketball interesting even to those of us whose eyes get glaze the moment we see that orange ball on the TV. Kinsock is a graduate of the University of Pittsburg with a degree in Political Science and an avid life-long interest in basketball. His site Without Pause is a fledgling bare bones production that, while not especially exciting visually, allows the reader to focus on his particular brand of dry absurdist humor.

Kinsock has definite opinions about everything to with the sport and is unafraid to express them in the oddest, most unequivocal terms. “I hate Pitt’s vaunted home non-conference record. I spent three and a half overwhelmingly stupid undergraduate years hearing about how Pitt is 14,000-2 at the Peterson Events Center against non-conference opponents (it’s actually something like 121-4). That statistic seems specifically designed to make me nervous as a Pitt fan. What if this game turns out to be the dreaded Home Non-Conference Loss Number 5? I’ll probably have to move to Argentina and become a construction worker because all is lost,” he declares in his recent post “Watching A.J. Hammons vs. Pitt, 12/1/15.”

Kinsock’s irreverent descriptions of basketball and its players makes me laugh even though I can’t actually say with any conviction how the game is played. If you like uniquely funny writing and whether you have any interest in basketball or not, check out his site!


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