People I Read: Kim Harrison

There is nothing quite like having a window into life of someone who has achieved success doing the work you dream to do. Especially if this person creates things that you admire. Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors. I adore her urban fantasy Hollows series and enjoyed her new science fiction thriller The Drafter a great deal. Originally, I followed her blog to find out when the next Hollows book was coming out, but soon I came to love it for giving me a peek into the life of a bestselling writer.

Harrison’s blog is an awesome read for any of her fans as it announces sales, freebie giveaways, and run snippets of stories and deleted scenes. For an aspiring writer she gives a tantalizing glimpse of the life of a career writer who makes her living with her craft. “I work whether I like it or not,” she says in a recent post, “whether the words flow or have to be pick-axed out–and so there is progress and movement whether I feel good about it or not. Stuff goes from brain to fingers, to printer, to cabinet, or Tim [her husband] suffers.”

So whether you’re a fan of Kim Harrison’s work (or think you might be in the near future) and/or an aspiring novelist, her blog is definitely worth checking out.



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