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The Lightbulb by Katta HulesAs a creative-type, especially one starting out with not much in the way of wide-spread [or you know, even mildly spread] acclaim, it can be hard to keep up the motivation. The self-esteem flags, the doubts bloom like large ugly flowers, and the questions [Can I do this? Am I really as good as I think I am? What if I fail?] that lurk in the back of the mind creep forward, growing in volume, until they’re all you can hear. And that’s when we need inspiration and validation the most. Friends, family, and significant others are the best for this, but in lieu of human contact, reading the stories of others can be nearly as uplifting. To that end, I have started collecting articles I have come across or that have been recommended to me.

  1. New York Magazine‘s ‘Beginnings’ series– This is a large, addicting collection of origin stories for people both famous and not who are successful in their respective fields. Each essay tells about the subject’s ‘Breakthrough Moment’ and gives the reader hope that if Jerry Seinfield could survive on $50 a week or Kevin Smith could find enough inspiration from a convenience store to launch his career, that maybe we could make it too. Recommendation found through Austin Kleon’s newsletter.
  2. Fighting the Restraints of Fear– Fear keeps us from doing so many things that could improve our lives. Leaving that hated job, traveling, going back to school, sending work out to be seen by someone else. This article from Lean In tackles the issue by breaking down common fears and asking the reader to examine their motivations for staying where they are in life. Lean In is a site promoting equality in the workforce through inspiration, education, and community building. It is geared towards women, but applicable to everyone. Found this article myself, but was turned on to Lean In by my mom. Thanks Mom!
  3. Strategies for Confidence Boosting– Like fear, lack of self confidence can keep us from doing things we need or want to do. Low self-esteem can be real problem for creative-types and women in particular. Women can be perceived as ‘bossy’ or ‘bitchy’ if they push too hard for something, so they don’t in order to be better liked. This Lean In article urges you to not overthink your actions. It also gives strategies for changing your attitude and approach towards getting what you need. Great for helping you make positive life changes.

Keep your spirits up and keep working towards your goals! Find any inspiring articles, videos, or links? Share them in the comments below!


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