Manuscript Wishlist

The idea of querying an agent is a scary one. You’re putting yourself out there for the inevitable rejection with the burning hope for acceptance. Agents and publishers can seem like far off dwellers of ivory towers staring down their noses at you, but Manuscript Wishlist brings them closer to Earth.

Manuscript Wishlist is a portal linking writers with agents and editors. “Manuscript Wish List® and #MSWL are designed to answer one crucial question in the submissions process: ‘What do you wish you had in your inbox?’” According to the site’s about page. It has recently been revamped and now agents and editors can update their own pages by themselves every time the answer to this question changes, so writers can be up-to-date on their wishlists. The site is a great resource for finding agents in a relatable, easily searchable database that helps you see them as humans. I have been using it to compile a list of agents that I will query once I am done with the final edit of my novel. I have found it really easy to use and helpful.

So if you are looking for representation and are not sure where to start: check out Manuscript Wishlist!


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