A New Challenge


Okay, I’m done bragging.

Since I’m a moderately insane workaholic, now that Story A Day is over, I need another challenge to drive me. Luckily, during the course of StADa I stumbled upon the Write 1 Submit 1 challenge via one of Julie Duffy’s daily emails. The premise of W1S1 follows in the footsteps of Ray Bradbury who famously wrote and submitted a short story every week. The idea is that if you write and 52 stories, the sheer volume will guarantee to increase both your skill and the odds you’ll get published somewhere. Unfortunately, the driven souls who originally ran the year long challenge finished their run last year with no plans to continue into 2016.

So I will take up this project on my own. For the next six months, I will attempt to write and submit a story a week. I will follow the rules set out by the original W1S1 folks and keep track of my progress both on paper and here. Though I am not as good with graphs and tracking as Ana Spoke, I have drawn up some preliminary charts that will hopefully help me be smart about submitting. (Suggestions for improvement are welcome, my organization skills are effective but haphazard.)

If anyone wants to attempt this with me, I welcome the company. You can join me through Facebook or Twitter.


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