Another W1S1 Success!

After nearly five months of weekly submissions during my Write 1 Submit 1 challenge, I got another story accepted by a paying publication! I wrote my flash fiction story “The Mists” during the September edition of Story-A-Day and submitted it at the end of last month to three publications. Within the same day, Fantasia Divinity Magazine accepted my piece!

I am so excited that “The Mists” (after a bit of editing) will be featured in Fantasia Divinity Magazine’s January Issue. As with my previous published story “Bruises,” I am keeping track of the rights the publisher asked for and payment promised. I would urge anyone submitting stories (or novels) to keep a list of who they submitted to, the expected wait time (if given) and the submission date. Also, to cross out the publications/agents as the rejections come in, as painful as that is. I found this really helps me stay organized and streamlines the submission process a lot. I keep a handwritten list, do you have a method that works for you? Let me know in the comments!


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