Last Month On The Bookworm Is In: Home Magic

The Bookworm Is At Home: Household Magic

Welcome to the Bookworm newsletter! This month’s topic is all about DIY Home Magic.

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Magical Living
Easy Home Magic

There’s no place like home–to practice magic. Your personal space is a great place to do workings and often, for many practitioners, the only place. Though I do not practice a whole lot, when I do, it’s at home.


The simplest and easiest to disguise thing you can do is to decorate your house magically. What does that mean? It could be as little as rearranging your furniture with a certain intent and as complex as building your home and filling every nook and cranny with charms and spellwork. This can get a little clutter-y so it’s best to start small.

The classic examples are putting a horseshoe over your door for good luck or changing the decorations seasonally. Personally, now that I’m living in a place with actual seasons, I like the idea of living seasonally and I try to make my home reflect that. Remember, though “you …needn’t become a Witch or magician to bring your home in tune with ageless magic, nor must you change your religious affiliation, if any,” according to The Magical Household, which is a great resource for decorating with intent (see “Exploring Further”). The nice thing about magic is it doesn’t necessarily interfere with other beliefs, which is why it is often practiced in conjunction with more mainstream religions or non-religions. 


Altars appear in many cultures, for many purposes, including memorials/ancestor worship, as a working space, or for religious/deity worship.

Personally, I use mine to further my attempt to live seasonally. I keep it in the living room and I like to change it out on the solstices while thinking about what I’d like to experience in the new quarter of the year, like with my spring altar pictured above.

It all started last December when I realized Christmas trees were expensive and decided to make my own. I ended up with a Christmas altar, pictures of which unfortunately disappeared when my phone died its final death the next month. Since then, I’ve been creating new altars using things I find around the house. I’m a packrat for art supplies so I have a lot of good material to work with, but the basics are easy to find. I use a cardboard box with a sheet or a large scarf over it and keep the candles (I use mini gumball machine party favors from a friend’s wedding and electric pumpkin tea lights) and the string lights, then go from there.


Sometimes a space builds up negative energy. Maybe there have been fights going on or one person is in a bad place and taking the rest of the household with them. Whatever the cause, it always makes me feel better to cleanse a space.

There are a few easy ways to go about it. You can smudge an area with either Palo Santo or a sage bundle (or just a bowl of sage) by setting them on fire just enough to get steady smoke but not an actual blaze. Then walk around, trailing smoke until the space feels (and smells) better. This is a favorite in our household which we picked up from working at Magus.

Don’t want to deal with smoke? Salt and saltwater sprinkled around the edges of a space are a classic solution. Or if you prefer, you can ring bells which are supposed to dispel negative energy as well. I have a string of bells over my desk that I like to ring at the end of a frustrating project.

If you live with other people who are not into magic, it’s best not to impose your beliefs on them and instead keep your workings confined to your personal area. Here’s are some good tips on how to practice in a shared space

I’m always looking for small magic I can incorporate into my daily domestic life. If you have any you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear them.

Exploring Further

On Topic

Homemade Magick by Lon Milo Duquette– This fun, colorful memoir has lots of tips for the DIY ceremonial magician.

Supermarket Magic by Michael Furie– Don’t have access or don’t feel comfortable going to your local metaphysical shop/bodega? Never fear! Furie has the solution for low cost, easy to find witchcraft ingredients.

The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington– Great for small rituals for around the home as well as magic infused decorating advice.

Jambalaya by Luisah Teish– Hoodoo, which this memoir explores a lot, is a backwoods magic and therefore often takes place in the home with easy to get (and hide) ingredients. It should be said that some rituals call for…um somewhat unconventional materials. Nothing bad, just not for the germaphobe practitioner.

Off Topic

Queer Eye RebootIf you haven’t seen the Queer Eye reboot and you like uplifting, funny makeover shows, check it out.This version doesn’t shy away from the issues facing LGBTQIA+ people, so have your tissues ready. Season two is on Netflix.

Prequelle by Ghost- Ghost is my new favorite band. My partner and I saw them live last month and it was easily the best concert I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Their new album is amazing and currently on loop in our car.

The Prospero’s War series by Jaye Wells– Wells writes what would be a normal gritty, realistic police procedural if the drugs weren’t replaced by magic instead.

Thousand Star Hotel by Bao Phi– A stark, beautiful poetry collection about being of Viet decent in America today. Won the Minnesota Book Award.

It’s All Love– A lovely collection of black authors writing about black (and interracial) love. Though many anthologies can be uneven in quality, the poetry, essays, and stories in this one are all spot-on.

Smart Bitches’ reviews of The Bachelorette Elyse’s hilarious recaps pull no punches and point out exactly what went wrong–and right in each episode.

This photo story of queer couples of color made my day. It’s sweet and timely.

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