An Update

I’ve been remiss about updating this space for various reasons (did someone say pandemic burnout? Maybe), so here’s a rundown of my most recent publications.

I wrote some blurbs for virtual shows including NoiseFest back in October and Richard Muñoz-Moore’s art show Dystopia. I especially enjoyed the images that came from Dystopia as they really reflected the moment we were living through.

I also made three videos about lesser known sex facts, because a) I’m a sex geek b) sex education in this country sucks and c) it was fun. Watch me, dressed up like Miss Frizzle, talk about the hymen, the Dual Control Model, and arousal non-concordance. I even cite my sources!

TUBE. Magazine has been running a series of very short “Fleeting Thoughts” and I wrote three of them (number 3, number 5, and number 7). It was a lot of fun to dig through old thoughts and snippets in my various note files to find content fitting the series.

Lastly, I contributed to TUBE’s Beauty Issue with a poem (see a preview here) and several interviews. It marked the end of my time as an editor with the magazine so it was a bittersweet moment, but such a great issue to go out on.

What have you been up to during the pandemic?


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