A Dude’s Guide to Surviving His Wedding

I recently started reviewing for IndieReader and was pleasantly surprised by this by a bro for a bro guide to planning a wedding. Read my review here.


Creators to Watch: Cryo

Cryo aka Mary Safro is someone I stumbled upon on Twitter and I'm so glad I did. Her art is awesome and I'm really enjoying the comic she co-creates Drugs & Wires. Read all about her in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Exhibits to See: The Cycle by Cyrus Tilton

One of the things I miss about Sacramento is the awesome art, like this great exhibit at the Crocker. The mix of art and environmentalism really speaks to me, especially nowadays. Learn more about the exhibit in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Creators To Watch: Tyler Feder

Finding artists on Twitter for this column has really made using that platform so much more fun. Case in point: Tyler Feder, whose illustrations are awesome, inclusive, and empowering. Check her and her work out in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Last Month on The Bookworm Is In: Qabalah

The Bookworm Climbs The Tree Of Life Hello! Welcome to the Bookworm newsletter, where we... well I talk books, magic, and media. This edition is all about Qabalah (Kabbalah and Cabala). I would love any and all feedback so feel free to reply to this email or contact me at my preferred internet lurking places... Continue Reading →

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