Creators to Watch: Akemi Art

The bright colors and whimsy of Akemi Art's work make me so happy. That along with the artist's style really stood out to me when I found them on Twitter. Learn more about them and their art in my TUBE. Magazine article.


Creators to Watch: Abigail Larson

Abigail Larson's art makes the little goth girl in me sigh with delight. I absolutely love her illustrations and her art store is a danger to my wallet. Learn more about her and her work in my TUBE. Magazine article.

Creators to Watch: Stefania Russo

When I saw Stefania Russo's work I knew I had to run it for the Halloween edition of Creators to Watch. It's creepy, dark, beautiful and a bit bloody. Learn more about her and her work in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

The Bookworm Is Spooky: Samhain

Welcome! I would love any and all feedback so feel free to reply to this email or contact me at my preferred internet lurking places down at the bottom. If you know about some resources I've missed, please feel free to send your suggestions along. The Origin Story of Halloween or Samhain, what’s that? Halloween is... Continue Reading →

Creators To Watch: Merilliza Chan

Man, I just keep finding amazing artists on Twitter and Merilliza Chan is a great example. I love her fantastical portraits and beautiful colors. Learn more about her and her art in my new TUBE. Magazine article. 

Creators To Watch: Iris Compiet

The minute I saw Iris Compiet's profile picture on Twitter, I knew she was awesome. I'd found her wonderfully spooky art through the #VisibleWomen tag and the cloak in her picture just made me so happy. Read all about her in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

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