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Visual Verse

If you’re looking for a fun writing exercise and good addition to your writing portfolio, give Visual Verse a try. The online anthology puts up a picture prompt every month and challenges writers to come up with a 50-500 word piece of any style or genre in an hour and submit it. “We offer you the chance to experience the rush of writing without overthinking. Sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful, let the picture be the start of something you can’t predict: your own response,” according to anthology’s site.

I took this month’s challenge and came up with a poem, ‘The Couch at 3 am.’ It took me less than the hour to write and edit it, and I made myself to submit it without too many changes. It was a lot of fun to force myself out of my comfort zone and explore my response to the prompt. I can’t wait to try it again next month!

Unsplash_Alejandro_Carol_Visual Verse

This month’s Visual Verse prompt.

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