Creators to Watch: Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

I found one of Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz's War and Peas comic strips through a friend's retweet on Twitter and was hooked. I'm so glad they let us feature them in this week's Creators to Watch. We need more unabashedly feminist comics like this.

Creators to Watch: Isabella Ragazzi

The watercolor creepiness of Isabella Ragazzi's work really draws the viewer in. And if you like creepy, her silent comic The Crooked Man is full of it. Learn more about her in my TUBE. Magazine article.

Creators to Watch: Cryo

Cryo aka Mary Safro is someone I stumbled upon on Twitter and I'm so glad I did. Her art is awesome and I'm really enjoying the comic she co-creates Drugs & Wires. Read all about her in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

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