Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em: The Beauty of Side Projects

I have been in the midst of editing. Editing my work, articles for TUBE., and projects for friends and family. There's a certain rigid mindset necessary for that kind of work. You have to be able to cut and comment with enough certainty to convince the other person (or yourself) that you are right, that your... Continue Reading →

The End of the Cut and Paste

I've hit a rather big milestone this last week. I finished the second draft of my novel! My cut and paste draft was started nearly a year and a half ago, and I have been working on it pretty steadily with a couple minor breaks (aka Nanowrimo), so it's kind of surreal to have written 'The End' on it.... Continue Reading →

Check out the article Five To Watch: The Spooky and the Sublime I edited and compiled for TUBE. Magazine.

Check out the article What We Are Listening To I edited and compiled for TUBE. Magazine.

Check out Five to Watch: Strange Worlds and Small Bones, which I edited and compiled for TUBE. Magazine.

Check out the article I compiled and edited for TUBE. Magazine, 'Songs of September We Love'!

Check out the article 'Five to Watch: Quite the Selection' I complied and edited for TUBE. Magazine!

Cut Me, Paste Me

Today, I got back to doing some actual work on my current project. I'm in the middle of my second full draft for the book, and unlike my previous drafts where I tore the whole story down and started from scratch [and then didn't finish], this one is mostly rewriting. I call it a cut... Continue Reading →

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