Firefighters Bring Hope to Homeless in Arcadia

The Arcadia Firefighters are stepping up again, going above and beyond their job descriptions to bring Hope Packages to the homeless. Find out what a Hope Package is and why this program started in my new Arcadia Weekly article.

Arcadia Firefighters Showing Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It was really quite lovely to see the Arcadia Firefighters wearing pink to raise awareness of this awful disease. Read all about what inspired them to do so in my most recent Arcadia Weekly article.  

Farewell to the Chief

It was quite interesting to get a peek into the world of firefighters this week during my interview with Arcadia's retiring Fire Chief Kurt Norwood. Read all about his 30 year career, plans for retirement, and advice for future firefighters in my new Arcadia Weekly article.

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