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It’s been a while since I wrote short stories, but for Story A Day May this year, I managed to bang out thirty-one pieces, most of which were godawful or fragmentary at best. “Spin,” the one I wrote for Visual Verse, is definitely one of the top shelf shorts. Read it here.


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Read The Mists!

The Mists, my flash fiction story from my W1S1 challenge is now available to read on Fantasia Divinity! Check it and the rest of the January issue out here.

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AND SO IT ENDS–Another Story on Visual Verse

I’m quite excited to see my new story ‘And So It Ends’ up on Visual Verse. This is my eighth story in their anthology, and the thrill of seeing my work up on the site has yet to fade. Read my story here.

This month's prompt.

This month’s prompt.

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Another story on Visual Verse!

I really enjoyed working with this month’s Visual Verse challenge. You can read the story I created from it, “The Mate” here.


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Another W1S1 Success!

After nearly five months of weekly submissions during my Write 1 Submit 1 challenge, I got another story accepted by a paying publication! I wrote my flash fiction story “The Mists” during the September edition of Story-A-Day and submitted it at the end of last month to three publications. Within the same day, Fantasia Divinity Magazine accepted my piece!

I am so excited that “The Mists” (after a bit of editing) will be featured in Fantasia Divinity Magazine’s January Issue. As with my previous published story “Bruises,” I am keeping track of the rights the publisher asked for and payment promised. I would urge anyone submitting stories (or novels) to keep a list of who they submitted to, the expected wait time (if given) and the submission date. Also, to cross out the publications/agents as the rejections come in, as painful as that is. I found this really helps me stay organized and streamlines the submission process a lot. I keep a handwritten list, do you have a method that works for you? Let me know in the comments!

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‘Bruises’ is Up!

My first paid fiction publication has been published! I’m so excited to have my flash fiction story ‘Bruises,’ my first ever submission during my W1S1 challenge featured in 200 CCs! Read it here.

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