Council Member Tay Aims to Help New Residents

With the recent influx of Chinese immigrants in Arcadia, there has been some culture shock, both for long time residents and newcomers. Councilmember Sho Tay, has a plan to bring these groups together--through food. Read more in my new Arcadia Weekly article.

Keeping the Coyotes Away

Out here in the Valley, especially by the mountains, coyotes are prevalent. Every night I hear their unearthly yipping excitement as they close in on prey, sounding like a party of children until you really listen and realize those sounds are nothing human. In Arcadia, they are bolder, and can be seen walking the streets at... Continue Reading →

Check It Out: So Long Mr. Mayor

It was great to talk to the now former mayor of Arcadia Gary Kovacic about his eighteen year term and his future plans. Read all about him and his lessons for future politicians in my Arcadia Weekly article.

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