Zoning Codes on Vacant Homes in the Works

There is a vacant home on the next street over from my house. I watched as week by week it degenerated. The windows got boarded up, the foxglove took over as the grass died out, the fence lost a board or two, just enough so when you walked by you caught glimpses of strange shapes... Continue Reading →

City Council Revokes Three Massage Therapy Licenses

There is a certain level of uncomfortable inevitability to watching business license appeals. I have yet to see the council actually grant an appeal, especially when the revocation was requested by the police and the defendants are being criminally charged as well. However, it is also quite interesting to see the story behind the revocation, as tangled... Continue Reading →

City to Amend Sex Offender Registration

Arcadia is looking to change the part of its municipal code dealing with sex offender restrictions. In writing about this, I delved a little deeper than I would've liked into the laws and politics of sex offender registration for my most recent article for Arcadia Weekly.

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