Creators to Watch: Irina Nordsol

The immersive magic of Irina Nordsol's work is entrancing. You can really tell there's a story and a world there and the image is only the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about her and her work in my TUBE. Magazine article.

The Bookworm Is In

I know I haven't been doing a whole lot of content production on my blog lately. It's not a dynamic that really works for me. So, I'm trying another approach: a newsletter. Every month, The Bookworm Is In will talk about topics in books, media, magic and the occult. The first edition will come out... Continue Reading →

Kid in a Candy Store

Working in a bookstore, especially one specializing in magic, religion, and the occult is a temptation for any writer. As someone working on an urban fantasy novel, it's doubly so. See how I (attempt) to resist temptation in my new Magus Books Blog post.

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