What I’m Listening To: Mark Kaiser

It was quite a treat to talk to label owner and Male Gaze bassist Mark Kaiser this month. His WILT playlist is a five song deep dive into 80s dark wave, early psychedelia, and exciting new bands. Read about him and listen to his playlist in my new TUBE. Magazine article.  

A Golden Green Agnes Obel.

Agnes Obel is another one of those beautiful, intriguing artists that I would never have stumbled across without my job at TUBE. See some of her strange entrancing music videos in my new TUBE. Magazine article. Be sure to listen with headphones!

Sallie Ford’s Got to Get Out.

Portland rocker Sallie Ford is getting personal with her work. Her new single and upcoming album tackle her insecurities and issues. The single, 'Get Out' is an anxious number, overwhelmed and frantic. Listen to it and find out more in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Sunmonks Release New Single

Discovering new music always makes me happy, especially when the song is, well, kind of joyous, like Sunmonks' new single 'No Me.' Read all about it and take a listen in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Check It Out: Rude Chicks and Symptoms Of Youth

One of the best parts of writing for a music magazine, especially an indie one like TUBE. is you get exposed to all kinds of great new music. This happened when we came upon Rena, a NYC musician and her new singles 'Symptoms of Youth' and my favorite, 'Rude Chick.' Learn more and hear the... Continue Reading →

Check out the article What We Are Listening To I edited and compiled for TUBE. Magazine.

Check out the article I compiled and edited for TUBE. Magazine, 'Songs of September We Love'!

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