Check It Out: A Poem Published!

My poem "A Loveless Marriage" is going to be published in TUBE. Magazine's Issue 2 along with my original artwork! I'm very excited as I have never before published a poem with TUBE. or anywhere outside of this site. Issue 2 is also full of great articles, art, and a bonus mini mixtape featuring awesome... Continue Reading →

The TUBE. Market in Sacramento has ten vendor spaces open for makers, crafters, artists, etc. Interested? Apply at the TUBE. site.

Like crafts, cars, local art or free beer and wine? Check out or join the TUBE Market on Saturday December 5th from 11:00-3:00 at the California Auto Museum! For more info go directly to the sourceĀ here. And now, back to Nanoing!

Take A Look: TUBE in Print

TUBE. Magazine, the publication I work for, is making the big leap from virtual reality to pen and ink realism. It is an exciting step for us and one not taken lightly. Our print edition is beautifully handmade and each issue contains original art or music. Each cover is screen printed, each booklet is hand... Continue Reading →

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