CHRCH Tour Is Bringing The Doom

I recently learned about CHRCH while covering their impending (now current) West Coast tour. If you like esoteric doom metal, this band might be right up your alley. Learn more in my recent TUBE. Magazine article.

Sunmonks Release New Single

Discovering new music always makes me happy, especially when the song is, well, kind of joyous, like Sunmonks' new single 'No Me.' Read all about it and take a listen in my new TUBE. Magazine article.

Thieves Attack the Art Factory — TUBE. Magazine

News travels fast online and apparently, in Sacramento, so do good deeds. On Aug. 31, artists at the Panama Art Factory were shocked to find someone had broken into their studios and stolen tens of thousands of dollars in art supplies. In the early hours Wednesday, someone made off with camera and photo studio equipment, […]... Continue Reading →

A Trip to San Kaszakgascar

Being with TUBE. has expanded my horizons to include many strange and wonderful bands. San Kazakgascar is definitely one of the more out there, interesting groups I've listened to lately. Check out their Indian/Middle Eastern inspired psychedelia in my new TUBE. Magazine article.  

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